Skim, or not to Skim?

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

We love using Schulz Organic milk at Fox In The Chamber🥛

We especially love the care that that they put into their entire farming process. It really pairs beautifully with our coffee and makes for some of the best lattes we’ve tasted. So we’ve decided make a little change and take a step forward at the Fox coffee bar☕

Amongst friends and other café owners the subject is always up for debate: Skinny or No Skinny?

Flavour vs. function; regular customers vs. regular milk; nutrition vs. superstition; there is plenty of literature out there that evenly represents both sides of the discussion.

We have weighed up the pros and cons specific to our space and our community, and have decided to no longer stock skinny milk. 

Ultimately 3 main factors helped shape our decision: Flavour, nutrition & service.


We just think our coffee is the best of friends with Schulz Organic full cream. We’d like all of our coffee drinkers to experience the best tasting beverage possible.


While we’re on the subject of organic, this is no ordinary full cream that we’re working with at Fox In The Chamber. It’s as nourishing as milk gets, with no nasties and made from sustainable farming practice from top to bottom. It even comes directly from the Schulz farm to us 🐮


Practically we want to be able to streamline in one small area so that we can go to the next level for our customers in all others. For that we feel that 1 dairy option is enough for our baristas to handle.

Approaching this change was somewhat daunting but since the change there have been some fantastic positives to come from it. Although we understand that some may not agree with our choice we absolutely encourage an open conversation with any of our staff. Skinny or no, we would always love to find a way to make sure that everyone that visits can be surprised and delighted by the time they leave!

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