A few ounces of truth

We're very excited to offer 6oz takeaway cups (shout out to Planetware for stocking compostable cups in this size) 🙌 This might seem like a small change but there are some big ideas behind how we serve our takeaway coffee 🤔


The 12oz takeaway makes perfect sense, it's basically the same size as a large coffee in house.👌🏼However, the 8oz takeaway is slightly bigger than your standard latte, meaning that a single shot of coffee won't taste quite the same in milk compared to a small coffee that gets served to the table. That's where the 6oz takeaway comes in, the perfect amount of milk for a single shot for the best balance of strength and flavour!


Take the taste test next time you get a coffee to go, we'd love to get your personal flavour feedback on the matter ☕️

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